Thomas West Says Head of AIHRC Continues Her Work in Afghanistan

Thomas West, the US Special Representative for Afghanistan has announced the continuation of the work of Shaharzad Akbar, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission’s (AIHRC) head in the country.

West tweeted on Thursday, saying he had his phone conversations with Shaharzad Akbar, the former Chairperson of AIHRC.

West said that in his last call with Shaharzad Akbar, he discussed the suppression of women and minority communities, restricting freedom of expression and protest, and the need for political and national dialogue in Afghanistan.

“She is continuing her work to monitor and document human rights abuses in Afghanistan,” he tweeted.

“Discussed repression of women, girls, and minority communities, shrinking space for public expression, and need for national political dialogue in Afghanistan,” he added.

After taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban announced the abolition of the country’s independent human rights commission. However, the head of AIHRC at that time emphasized the illegitimacy of the Taliban and spoke about the continuation of the work of the Human Rights Commission in Afghanistan.